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Part reports correlated with the company in recent year

Fujian province, Won the Support Capital一一一一 (China Chemical Newspaper 2004.05.31)   

In Shanghai, Overcame the TDI Difficulty of polyurethane code dissociation (www.chemnet.com.cn 2003.09.16 )

Small Cayenne Become the Big Industry ----(Taiyuan Evening 2003.09.16)

More than 50 kinds products produced with the molecule distillation technique by Beijing University of Chemical Technology --一(Science Technology Daily 2003.09.11)

Korea Corporations  takes a fancy to the garlic oil abruption technology ---(China Chemical Newspaper 2003.07.23)

Xinte Company molecule distillation won success in purifying lactic acid ---(China Chemical Newspaper 2002.12.12)

The technique of molecule distillation purifying assemble acid is advanced ---(China Chemical Newspaper 2002.05.27)

The molecule distillation technology of our country is synchronized with the world. ---(China Chemical Newspaper 2002.05.08)

Xinte Company has established the molecule distillation product line. ---(China Chemical Newspaper 2002.04.17)

Good interaction between scientific research and economy ---(People Daily  2002.03.20)

The molecule distillation technology of Beijing University of Chemical Industry won the second award of the state science progress. ------(Science and Technology Daily 2002.03.20)

Analyze the development, application and the developing orient of the natural VE. --(China Chemical Newspaper 2001.09.13)

The molecule distillation technology shows its power in the field of polyurethane code. --(China Chemical Newspaper 2001.06.20)

The molecule distillation technology help purifying the assemble acid.-- (China Chemical Newspaper  2001.07.09)

Advance bravely in the riptide, constantly strive to become stronger-- (China Education Newspaper 2001.07.04)

The largest natural VE Corporation was established in Beijing. --(China Medicine Newspaper 2001.00.00)    

Five thousand years' herbalist culture show the excellence in new era. --(China Enterprise Newspaper 2000.11.10)

Strive and succeed in one day, outstanding in thousands years. --(China Enterprise Newspaper  2000.11.10)

VE and the human health. --(China Food Newspaper 2000.09.16)

The application and spread of the chemical hi-new technology. --(China Chemical Newspaper 2000.06.27)

The large VE base was eatablished in Hebei Province. --(China Chemical Newspaper 2000.06.05)

The primary survey of the development of China VE industry. --(Medicine Economy Newspaper 2000.04.03)

The actuality and foreground of development and application of VE. --(China Chemical Newspaper 2000.03.15)

VE: natural is better than the composite. --(China Chemical Newspaper 2000.02.21)

The development and application of the APG with high quality. --(China Chemical Newspaper 2000.01.24)

The molecule distillation technology in Xinte Company is fruitful. --(China Chemical Newspaper 2000.01.24)

The application of the molecule distillation technology in the industrial field.-- (China Chemical Newspaper 1999.08.14)

The new natural VE product of Beijing University of Chemical Technology was born. --(China Education Newspaper 1999.05.29)

 Natural VE fill the blank of our country. --(Market Newspaper 1999.05.05)

A-flax acid is world advanced. --(Economy Reference 1999.03.25)

Industrialized equipment of the natural VE has passed the appraisal. --(China Chemical Newspaper 1998.10.10)

The scale product line of the natural VE has been invested in Taixing Jiangsu. --(Xinhua Daily 1998.09.08)

VE producing equipments cooperated by Beijing and Jiangsu has succeed in testing. --(Economy Reference 1998.06.26)

The molecule distillation technology has been realized to industrialization. --(Economy Daily 1998.01.13)

The distillation new chapter-The developing record of production, academy and research in Beijing university of chemical technology. --(China Chemical Newspaper 1998.01.07)

The molecule distillation technology in Beijing University of Chemical Technology is world advanced. --(Economy Daily 1998.01.06)

Honngyangshen fish oil has passed the appraisal. --(Economy Daily 1997.12.12)

The first molecule distillation line produced the fish oil pellets. --(People Daily 1997.12.03)


>>> The correlated literature about the molecule distillation technology.

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