Technology of molecule distillation and industrilization application

>>> principle of molecule distillation  
  Molecular distillation is a special liquid-liquid separation technology, which is different from the separation principle of traditional distillation depending on boiling point difference. It is depending on the difference of molecular mean free path to separate different matters. Here, molecular mean free path (λ) refers to the path between a molecule strikes two times. 

      When the mixture of liquid flows along the heating board and is heated, light and heavy molecule will leave the surface of liquid and enter the vapor phase. Because of different mean free of light and heavy molecule, different matters have different moving distance. Supposed putting a condensation board at the proper position,  light molecule can reach the board and will be condensed, then be discharged along the condensation board; while the heavy molecule will not reach the board and be discharged along the heating board. Therefore, the objective of separation has been reached.  

>>>characteristic of molecule distillation technology  

   Molecule distillation technology, as an advanced international high and new separation technology, has following advantages:
    1. Operation temperate is low (lower than boiling point), with high vacuum (no load ≤1Pa), heating time is short (several seconds) and the efficiency of separation is high. Specially, it is adapted to separation of high boiling point, heat-sensitive and easy oxidized matters.   
 2. Removing low molecule matter (odor removal), heavy molecule matter (decolor) and impurities of mixture.
 3. The course of separation is physical separation, preventing separated matter  from pollution, especially keeping original quality of  natural extraction.  
 4. The separation degree is higher than the traditional distillation.
>>> industrialization application area of molecule distillation technology  

Chemical industry :
higher alcohol, hydrocarbon, oleamide, tall oil, silicon oil, lubricant oil, vacuum bump oil, trigging oil, asphalt removing wax, rude olefin, crystallitic wax, tar, recycle of waste oil.

Foodstuff industry:  refined fish oil, fish liver oil, conjugated linoleic acid, fat acid and its ramification, dimer acid, tocopherol, monoglyceride, fat acid ester, butter and lard removing cholesterol, wheat germ oil, lactic acid, diglycerol ester, pepper oil colophony, plant wax.
Medicine industry: acid chloride, amino acid ester, glucose ramification, solanesol, terperpene, natural and synthetical vitamins. 
Cosmetic industry : lanolin, lanolin alcohol, alkylglucoside, rose oil, ginger oil, pepper red pigment
Plastic and dope industryisocyanate prepolymer, epoxy resin, plasticizer.
Agriculture :permethrin, piperonyl butoxide,
omethoate, herbicide, insecticide.

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