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The appraisal and award obtained by the Molecule Distillation Technique Institution of our company

  Beijing Xinte Technology Development Company is the entire-capital hi-tech company established by Beijing University of Chemical Technology. In more than ten years since establishment, the molecule distillation technique (short-term distillation) and industrialized equipments have been developed swift. This project won the first award of the science progress of the National Petrol and Chemistry Bureau (past Chemical Industry Ministry) in 1998, which was ranked the national emphasis spread project by the Ministry of Science and Technology, besides it has accomplished one of the "863" program and won the second award of the state science progress in 2001. It is honored as "national ahead, international advanced, the model of combination of the production, academy and research."

In 2004, the technology was ranked the focused spread projects again by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

In 1998, won the first award of the progress of science and echnology of the National Petrol and Chemistry Bureau.

In 1997, "molecule distillation technique and industrialization application" passed the appraisal of the Chemical Industry Ministry.

The refine fish oil, VE and so on have passed the appraisal of Shandong province and Jiangsu Province.

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