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  Molecule distillation technology is a kind of new and high-tech separation technology, used widely in separation and extraction of petrol chemicals, refined chemicals, food industrial and medicine healthy industry. The book introduces systematically the developing process and basic principle of molecule distillation technology, process techniques and equipment, scale and characteristics of industrial application. Especially, it combines the author's research with industrial development practice, choosing 10 special examples to show the advancement and universality of molecule distillation technology, which has strong value of science and production.

  The author researched and practiced molecule distillation technology for over 10 years. He chose special material to compile a book, specially introducing special examples in the course of developing products and emphasizing practicability of the book. The author put forward the aspects of research application of molecule distillation technology, making the book advanced.  

  The book is helpful for the production workers who are engaging in chemical products, food and medicine, and engineers who are working in the research and development of molecule distillation technology, which has refereeing value. 


   Since tens of thousands years, human beings  have been knowing, developing and exploring nature. At the same time, human beings have always been recognizing ourselves. Science and technology is existing and developing along with human's demand. The developing history of human validated the judgment of Deng Xiaoping "science and technology is the first productivity". The development of science and technology promotes human's civilization and social development.  

  The 21st century is an information time, a century of life and S&T, a time of new material and advanced technology developing rapidly and using widely. The 21st century is a time of using new energy high efficiently, cleanly and safely. The 21st century is a century of human developing towards space, ocean and inside earth. The 21st century is a time of natural science happening reform and achieving great progress. The development and rush of science and technology certainly cause new industry revolution. For China-- a developing country, it not only a challenge, but also a chance. Whether we can catch up with the developing opportunity, it is depending on improving the nation's culture level and building a high quality team, who is qualified with the ability of creativity of knowledge and technology. Therefore, we should face the first important strategy: developing education and popularizing knowledge, developing science spirit and advocating scientific methods. In August 1988, when he inspected China science academy Dalian chemical and physical research institute, the chairman- Jiang Zemen emphasized the importance of the work of popularizing science: "when strengthening the progress of science and technology, we should intensify the social work of popularizing science so as to improve the nation's quality. If doing the work well, we can offer the mass base for developing science and technology and creativity."

  In order to popularize and spread new high-tech, chemical industry press organized several academicians and experts to compile 《new and high-tech science popularization series》. The characteristics of the book are as followings: introducing some high-tech principles, characteristics, important status, the situation and developing prospect of application and industry; Emphasizing "new". It is proved that the introduced new technology and methods are mature and deep, which is application practical technology; Seeking for the unity of picture, knowledge, science, earthliness, readability and interest, so that it represents the important functions of scientific idea and spirit towards creativity.  

  《new and high-tech science popularization series》 refers to high-tech relating our country's economics and developing. Nine parts of in the first batch concludes: green chemical, gene project technology, nami technology, generating electricity with high efficient environment, newest separation technology (such as supercritical extraction, adsorption separation technology, film technology), chemical laser, biological pesticide. The book will organize to press various new high-tech volumes. We believe that the series are helpful for propagandizing scientific knowledge, scientific methods and spirit, correctly mastering science and improving the nation's quality.   

Lu yongxiang
September 2000


Chapter one 

1.1 separation principle of matter and its catalogue 
1.2 background of molecule distillation technology production
1.2.1 batch vacuum distillation 
falling film distillation device
1.2.3 wiped film distillation device
1.2.4 molecule distillation device
1.3   developing profile of molecule distillation technology

Chapter two 
Principles and characteristics of molecule distillation technology 

2.1   basic principle of molecule distillation technology
2.1.1 free path of molecule moving 
2.1.2 factors of affecting mean free path of molecule moving 
2.1.3 basic principle of molecule distillation  
2.2   characteristics of molecule distillation technology
2.2.1 characteristics of molecule distillation technology
2.2.2 advantages of molecule distillation 
2.3      parameter model and affected factors of molecule distillation technology
2.3.1 parameter model of molecule distillation 
2.3.2 affected factors of separation process

Chapter three 
Separation flow and equipment  of molecule distillation 

3.1   separation flow of molecule distillation  
3.1.1 composing units of flow
3.1.2 techniques flow of molecule distillation
3.1.3 industrial device of molecule distillation and techniques flow
3.2      molecule distillation  evaporator
3.2.1 free falling film molecule distillation evaporator
3.2.2 rotating and wiped film molecule distillation evaporator 
3.2.3 centrifugal molecule distillation evaporator
3.2.4 multilevel molecule distillation evaporator

Chapter four 
Industrial application of molecule distillation technology

4.1      scope of application of molecule distillation technology
4.1.1 industrial application principle of molecule distillation 
4.1.2  industrial application scope of molecule distillation 
4.2      functions of molecule distillation in industrial application
4.2.1 removing light molecule component of heat-sensitive matter
4.2.2 removing the impurity and color of product 
4.2.3 decreasing the heated loss of heat-sensitive matter
4.2.4 improving traditional production techniques so as to clean production
4.2.5 improving technique's conditions of traditional synthesize    
4.2.6 separating catalyst  from product

Chapter five 
Examples of molecule distillation industrialization application 

5.1     extracting DHA and EPA from fish oil
5.1.1 introduction  
5.1.2 experimental research
5.1.3 industrialization application of refined fish oil
5.2     manufacture of wheat germ oil 
5.2.1 introduction
5.2.2 extraction way of wheat germ oil
5.3      molecule distillation monoglyceride
5.3.1 introduction
5.3.2 production techniques of molecule distillation monoglyceride
5.4      extraction of natural vitamin E 
5.4.1 introduction
5.4.2 functions and effect of natural vitamin E 
5.4.3 extraction techniques of natural vitamin E 
5.5      extraction of high purity dimer acid
5.5.1 introduction 
5.5.2 production techniques of high purity dimer acid
5.6      extraction technology of pepper red pigment 
5.6.1 introduction 
5.6.2 molecule distillation extract natural pepper red pigment 
5.7     α-linoleic acid extraction technology
5.7.1 introduction
5.7.2 using molecule distillation technology to extract α-linoleic acid from perrilla
      frutescens seed oil
5.8      production technology of alkylglucoside
5.8.1 introduction  
5.8.2 alkylglucoside production techniques
5.9      refining of lanolin
5.9.1 introduction 
5.9.2 refined techniques of lanolin and its ramification 
5.10   application of molecule distillation in polyurethane
5.10.1 introduction 
5.10.2 purifying techniques of polyurethane

Chapter six 
Prospect of molecule distillation technology 

6.1    introduction 
6.2     theory of molecule distillation and key of equipment study
6.2.1 model research of mean free path of molecule moving 
6.2.2 research of operation parameter and parameter model 
6.2.3 research of molecule distillation machine structure  
6.3     the key of research of molecule distillation industrial application 
6.3.1 setting up a scientific classification system of industrial product 
6.3.2 carrying out the research of matter difficult to separate
6.3.3 exploring application research of Chinese herbal medicine, which adapting China's situation 
6.3.4 carrying out research of large industrial device's steady, advancing and economic
6.3.5 carrying out research of molecule distillation technology applied to improve traditional extraction techniques and product's quality  

high  sci-tech popularization series 

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