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   Molecule distillation technology is a high-tech distillation technology, widely used in industry, agriculture, aquaculture and national defense. In recently years, it has been developing rapidly in the world. The technology has involved various fields in the industry application. Molecule distillation technology also has wide market in chemical products for animals.

  One   principle and characteristics of molecule distillation technology      
  principle of molecule distillation technology is different from common distillation. It breaks principle of common distillation which is depending on difference of boiling point abruption. It is depending on abruption, which different matter molecules moving average free trip to come true. Therefore, it has distinct advantages going beyond common distillation, such as: low pressure of distillation, short time of heating, low temperature of operating and high degree of separation.    

   1.  Basic principle of molecule distillation 
 In terms of molecule moving theory, molecule of liquid mixture will prick up after heating. When absorbing enough energy, it will transgress air molecule from face of liquid. With the increase of air molecule, some parts of air will return to liquid. Under the condition of steady environment, it will reach dynamic balance of molecule moving at last. From the view of macrocosmic, it reaches balance.

   According to formula of molecule moving average free distance, different molecules has different average free distance for its different diameter. That is to say, from the view of statistic, after transgressing from liquid face, different molecule will not strike with other molecules. Its flying distance is different.   

 The separation function of molecule distillation is coming true by liquid molecule transgressing from liquid face and different molecule has different moving average free trip. 

  2. characteristics of molecule distillation technology
  (1)Characteristics of molecule distillation technology
  ①the temperature of operation is low
  Common distillation is separated by boiling point of different matter. But molecule distillation is separated by difference of molecule moving average free distance of different matter. That is to say, in the course of distillation, once steam molecule transgresses from liquids, it can come true separation, but not reach the state of  boiling. Therefore, molecule distillation can operate under the condition of parting boiling point.  

  ②the pressure of distillation is low
  From the forum of molecule moving average free distance, we know that if we want to get large average free distance, we must reduce pressure of distillation. Additionally, as the  device of molecule distillation is special and the pressure in insides is small, we can get high vacuum degree. Although routine vacuum distillation can use higher vacuum degree,  it is restricted by inside structure and resistance is larger than molecule distillation device's. So it is difficult to reach high vacuum degree. The vacuum degree of common routine distillation only reaches 50mbar, but vacuum degree  of molecule distillation can reach 0.001-1m bar.

    From above two- mentioned points, molecule distillation operates under the high temperature, as well as apart from boiling-point. Therefore, the temperature of the practice operation of molecule distillation is lower than routine vacuum. Gernally speaking, it is lower than 50~100℃.

 ③the heating time is short

   Molecule distillation is separated by difference of molecule moving average free distance of different matter. In view of this, the distance between heated face and cold face is shorter than moving free free distance of light molecule. Therefore, light molecule transgressing from liquid face reach cold face, hardly striking each other. So the heating time is short. Additionally, if adopting advanced molecule distillation structure, we can make liquid face of mixture reach filmy state. At this time, the area of liquid face and heating face is equal. So the staying time of material in equipment is short. Therefore, the time of distillation left material is also short. Supposed vacuum distillation heats several minutes, the molecule distillation just heats several seconds or tens of seconds.
  ④the degree of separation and manufacturing product rate is high  
Molecule distillation is used to separate matter which is difficult to separate by routine distillation. If both ways can separate matter, molecule distillation has high degree of separation.  

 Two   industrialization application of molecule distillation technology 

    Molecule distillation technology, as a warmest distillation separation method, conquers routine distillation's disadvantages: high operating temperature and long heating time. It can solve difficult problems. Therefore, it has wide application future. According to principle and characteristics of molecule distillation technology, and practice of large application, it is proved that molecule distillation has particular and various advantages in industrial application. 

    1、removing compound of light molecule in  irritable matter
  Many products in industry has unpurified smell, with large menstruum and unclear impurity left. It lies in that the separation is not clear and there are many light molecules in the products. Molecule distillation can solve these kinds of problems. 
  1)removing product's odorous 

   Odorous distillation in product has light compound, such as removing odorous of spice, garlic oil, ginger oil and oil fat.

【example 1】removing odorous of ginger oil

(2)removing solvent of product and matter
In the course of purification of industrial product, most are used solvent extraction method. But the result is that left solvents existing in the product. If using routine distillation to remove these solvents, we will meet some difficulties and risks of disassembling or aggregation when operating under condition of high temperature and long time heating. Compared with most products, common non-inorganic solvent is light molecule matter, so molecule distillation can remove them clearly.
    【example2】removing solvent of cayenne red coloring matter
  The traditional extraction of cayenne red coloring matter is solvent extraction way. But about 1-2% solvent left in product. After using molecule distillation, the amount of left solvent is 20PPM, so that it can improve the quality of product.

    (3)In the course of monomer compounding into polymer, there are always monomer matter left and producing small molecule polymer, which will affect quality of product. When traditional distillation way removes these matter, it will disassemble or crimple polymer for high temperature. Therefore, the quality of product won't be assured. However, Molecule distillation can solve these kind of problems.

2. removing impurity and color of product
  Impurities in products contains light molecule and heavy molecule matter, here specially referring to color and luster of product is heavy molecule matter. Molecule distillation can be used as removing color and extraction way, such as using refining of fat acid, mellow and its ramification, such as: mustard acid, oil acid, fat acid, oil acid imide, mustard acid imide, oil acid glyceride, hard fat acid glycerin ester, mellow ester and high carbon ester.

      Taking mustard acid imide as example, it will form mixture after reaction, which not only containing low boiling-point impurity, such as fat acid and low carbon fat acid glycerin, but also containing some polymers and pigment. Because the molecule of mustard acid imide is large and irritability is strong, it is difficult to use routine distillation. If using  solvent crystallization way, it need large cost and cause pollution. But if we use molecule distillation, we can produce high purify and good color and luster.
3. reduce heat destroying hurt of irritable matter
  Taking producing a-flax acid by kettle  distillation and molecule distillation for example, the material is heated for 2 hours by using kettle  distillation under the temperature of 200 degree, but it just needs several minutes by using molecule distillation under the temperature of 110 degree. Except for the advantages of molecule distillation in the quality of product, just from production rate, the rate of molecule distillation is above 15%. For a factory of producing a-flax acid, the price of a set molecule distillation can balance out with spoilage of product by using routine distillation for a year. Therefore, for many products, which have certain added value. Molecule distillation technology is useful.

4.Molecule distillation technology can improve traditional production techniques. It can prevent product from polluting as well as protecting environment.
  With people's sense of protecting environment and returning nature, human not only need green foods, but also green environment. It requires the production technology to offer good foods and not to pollute environment. Molecule distillation technology is the representative. For example, alkali refining way is removing educt acid from glycerin acid fat, which saponifizes lot of glycerin acid fat and affect producing rate, make product suffer pollution. The most important is that wasted water  pollutes  environment. If using molecule distillation technology, it is able to turn waste into treasure, when getting high quality glycerin acid fat and educt acid vice product, it can avoid pollution. The similar techniques are fish oil ester removing acid, wheat embryo oil removing acid, rice bran removing acid, coconut oil removing acid and bean oil removing acid.

    【Example 4】refine of wheat embryo oil 

5、Molecule distillation technology can promote reform of traditional techniques, improving operating condition and quality of product.  

     For many reactions, the quality of product is related with quota  of reactant. Because traditional techniques has no efficient separation way to remove monomer, it cause techniques and quote of reactant restrictive, so it affects its quality. After using molecule distillation, there is no need to worry these problems. It is useful for balancing reaction and reaction speed, optimizing techniques and improving quality.
For example, during the course of combining alkyl, because reaction of  shrinking aldehyde is contrary and fat mellow should be excessive. So there are many un-reacted high carbon mellow in reactant, which needs to distill, otherwise it will affect quality of products. If there is no removing mellow way, the amount of using mellow wil be restrictive. If using molecule distillation technology to remove mellow, it will not be restrictive so as to optimize techniques and improve quality of products  
  6、molecule distillation technology can be used in the separation between product and catalyze. When getting high quality product, it can protect activity of catalyze

In many reaction of combination, product and catalyzer need to separate. On the one side, quality of product requires to remove catalyzer. On the other side, the expensive catalyzer must recycle to use. For irritable product and catalyzer, it is difficult to deal with buy using traditional distillation, but molecule distillation has good effect.
 For example, when alkene combines into high grade fat acid by using catalyser cobalt mixture,  product and catalyzer need to separate, which come true by second grade distillation.


 Three  Industrial application area of molecule distillation 
From the principle and characteristics of molecule distillation technology, it can be used in industrial and agricultural and ocean industry.   

  1. Petrol chemical area
  Separation and refining of crude oil rock: producing low steam pressure oil( such as vacuum bump oil), refining high adhesive lubricant; separation of hydrocarbon; separation of  feculence of crude oil and similar matters .
       Chemical and fine chemical: refining of chemical intermediate body and purification of face active catalyzer, such as high carbon mellow and alkyl, wool fat acid and wool mellow acid.
  2. foods industry area
The separation of mixture oil fat. It can get fat acid ester of 90-95%, such as hard fat acid glyceride, cherry bay glyceride, mellow alkyl; Extract natural product from animal and plant, such as refining fish oil, rice bran and wheat embryo oil.
  3.  medicine industry area 
Extraction of medicine intermediary body and extract medicine from natural matters. For example, using molecule distillation to extract vitamin A from fish liver oil, extract vitamin E from enriched medicine, extract β—carotin from natural matter; refine amino acid and dextrose ramification.
  4、 agricultural medicine area
  Extraction and refine of agricultural medicine and intermediary body of  agricultural medicine, such as extraction of chrysanthemum ester, aether   
  5、 essence and spice industry 
   Combination  and extraction of natural essence and spice. Extract crude oil from natural matter, using molecule distillation to remove odorous, color, gaining high quality natural spice, such as refine of  cassia oil, rose oil, balsamroot oil, citionella oil. 
  6、 plastic industry 
  extraction of plastic fat; removing odors of high molecule; refine of resinoid matter. 。

Four, developing situation of molecule distillation technology in the domestic
   Period between 1930's and 1960's is a developing time of molecule distillation technology. Till 1960's, Japan, England, USA, Germany, Russian have large industrial device in industrial application. Because of old technology, the molecule distillation technology and its equipment are not well round. Such as, evaporator of molecule distillation needs to improve, the technology of sealing and vacuum also need to improve. The application area needs to widen and separation cost needs to reduce. All these points are the study directions. For over 50 years from 1960's to now,, researchers in the world play an attention to it, with new patent paper and documents appearing continually. At the same time, some professional technology companies, which engaging in molecule evaporator's developing  and manufacturing, make the industrial application of molecule distillation technology further develop.   
Currently, industrial application of molecule distillation in the developed countries is quite active. It is reported that the products which is separated by molecule distillation technology has over 150 catalogues. Specially the separation in the difficult matter, the technology causes great effect.
our country has wide economic market, with foreign factories in developed countries rushing into our country. Therefore, it is a trend to compete with them. We should develop our country's molecule distillation technology immediately.        
From the middle period of 20th century, researchers in our country began to research molecule distillation technology, issued paper and patent application. Because the molecule distillation technology is related with other technology, so the speed in population  of industrial application of molecule distillation technology is not rapid.

Set up experimental base and middle experimental base  
In the early of 1990's, Beijing university of chemical technology began to  research molecule distillation technology, setting  up experimental base and middle experimental base. There are three key points of researching: First, mechanism research of molecule  distillation. Second, research of equipment structure and device properties; Third, research of industrial application. Up to now, we have developed over 50 products, finishing the industrial production in refined fish oil, natural Vitamin E, α—flaxen acid, fat acid, and pepper red pigment by using molecule distillation technology. It set up more than 30 sets production devices, spreading over 15 provinces and cities. All the products filled blank in our country and many products reached international advanced level. 
  Beijing university of chemical technology has special research, connecting techniques requirements  with design of molecule distillation and having experience for tens of years and establishing designing software bag for  intellectual property techniques and device.
  Molecule distillation technology of Beijing university of chemical technology has passed the  appraisal by Chemical department in 1997, awarded as scientific progressing prize in 1998. It became an key project by national science department. It was awarded second progressive prize of national science technology in 2001.     
It is proved by the practice, the molecule distillation technology has stepped into the world level, having wide application prospects. General speaking, we researched molecule distillation technology late and industrial application is not wide. Specially application in animal chemical products, which needs to strengthen.  

Five, application of  molecule distillation technology for animal products
  Chemical products for animal mainly contains beast medicine, feed additive and others. In recent years, the variety of  products of beast is various and the quality becomes better and better. In the course of manufacturing animal medicine, whatever chemical systemization or biological zymotechnics, the key of quality is separation of impurity. The manufacturing of feed additive and resource become more and more scientific. The manufacturing methods are chemical combination, biological zymotechnics and natural development and extraction. The key of quality is also separation of impurity. The best choice of separation technology is important in developing animal chemical products. 
According to the characteristics of molecule distillation technology, molecule distillation technology will play a key role in extraction and separation of animal chemical products.
  Example 1   application in feed fish oil
There are tens of history of using fish as raw material to made animal feed. The traditional fish feed has disadvantages of lagging techniques and low quality. Recently, Beijing university of chemical technology uses molecule distillation technology to produce fish feed, improving techniques greatly and the quality of products.  
  ▲Molecule distillation removing acid
  The way of removing glycerin in the course of traditional feed fish oil is called as alkali smelting way, which is to use Noah to saponifize and receive glycerin acid aster by washing. Obviously, the techniques  pollutes the product, as well as environment, reducing harvest rate. If using the molecule distillation technology, we can solve above-mentioned problems.
  ▲Purification of refined fish oil
  The main contents of refined fish oil is DHA and EPA. High quality of fish oil changes in terms of the amount of DHA and EPA. If adopting molecule distillation technology, we can gain the products which containing DHA+EPA 30%、50%、70%>80%. Its proportion can adjust.
  Example2  application in producing vitamin E
Vitamin E contains combined vitamin E and natural vitamin E. Combined vitamin E is made by hydracid and plant synthetic mellow. Natural vitamin E is refined from plant oil, which can be used as feed additive and anti-oxidant. It is biological catalyzer for animal and birds, having respiration and improving immunity and anti-caducity  functions.
Purification of combined vitamin E uses molecule distillation technology, which is mature technology. Extracting natural vitamin E from plant oil by using molecule distillation technology is mature in the domestic.
In recent years, natural vitamin E production technology, developed by Beijing  university of chemical technology, use  distilled material from plant oil removing odor as raw material, dealt by aster interchanging and used molecule distillation technology. It can separate raw material which containing 5% vitamin E and extract above 70% vitamin E products.  
  Eaxmple3, application in producing conjugated oil acid
    CLA can be regarded as floorboard of isomer and various placement of conjugated alkene acid, derived from needy fat oil acid.
     Natural conjugated oil acid is separated from grilled beef, and recognized as preventing cancer matter. The USA patent added conjugated oil acid in common feed to breed muscle animal. Lots of articles emphasize its functions of reducing fat and preventing cancer.
    The functions of conjugated oil acid to human is the hot topic. Besides its functions in preventing stomach cancer, diabetes, mammary cancer,  and skin cancer. Specially losing weight, people pay attention to it. 
   Using Suzi oil, flax oil, corn oil, melon seeds  and safflower oil as raw material to pre-arranging, then is purified by molecule distillation, we can get high quality conjugated oil acid. The amount of  CLA is above 75-80%.

     Additionally, the molecule distillation technology has been used in extraction of vitamin A and vitamin D.
   Additionally, with the development of animal chemical products, the kinds and resource of animal chemical product will be more and more. The involved technology is also wider and wider. The requirements for separation and purification is higher and higher. The functions of the molecule distillation technology will play an more and more important role in the application of chemical products for animal.



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