High efficient eccentricity transmitting matter and reaction technology  

▲ principle of high efficient eccentricity   
  High efficient eccentricity transmitting quality and reaction technology is also called circumrotating and filling bed, Higee, RPM and super weight separation and reaction technology. It uses separated liquid to form super thin liquid velum ( 10-1~10-2mm amount grade), appearing strong and on-flow moving and touching with air backwash, so that it can reduce resistance of transmitting matter and reach the object of increasing index of transmitting and improve  separation efficiency. The technology can intensify the course of transmitting matter, with volume improving 10-1000 times more than that of traditional technology. The volume of the technology is about one-tenth of traditional equipment. In view of these advantages, the technology is called as "transistor in chemical industry".    
▲ characteristics of high efficient eccentricity   
  The characteristics are as followings: The time of heating is short; The staying time is less, and volume of equipment is small; Dealing capacity is strong and the efficiency of separation is high. Therefore, it is adapted to irritable and adhesive matter's separation and can be used in pervasion controlling reaction course. It is not only a high efficient segregator, but also a high efficient reactor, specially using in preparation of super thin powder in the course of sedimentation reaction.    
▲ application scale of high efficient eccentricity transmitting matter and reaction technology   

  The technology can be used in following projects;
  Adding hydrogen reactor in the course of hydrogen reaction;
  Transmitting matter segregator in various  resolution and adsorption course; 
  Air-liquid reactor of pervasion controlling;
  Reactor of preparation of super thin powder in the course of sedimentation reaction, such as CaCO3 and MgCO3 carbon-reactor;
       Removing odor machine of irritable and high adhesive matter.

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