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CO2 supercritical extraction technology

▲   principle of technology  
  The principle of supercritical  CO2 fluids extraction  process is the relationship between the dissolving power and the density of supercritical fluids. That is to say, the pressure and the temperature affect the dissolving power of the supercritical fluids. In the state of supercritical, we make the supercritical fluids and un-parted material contact each other, so that it can extract the component part according to the boiling point, the weight of each element and the pole. Of course, the extraction of each part is not single, but we can get the best proportion mixture by controlling the condition, then we can change the supercritical fluids into normal fluids by the way of reducing the pressure and promoting the temperature. In that case, the extractions are almost separated out, so that it can be separated and purified. Therefore, the process of supercritical CO2  extraction  is the process of extraction and separation.   

The Characteristic of the Supercritical Extraction  

   We can extract under the temperature of 35-40 centigrade which is nearly to indoor temperature, covered by the CO2, so that it can prevent oxidization and issuing. Therefore, we must keep the whole element of the drug plants and extract the materials which has high boiling point, ,low separation and hot dissolving under the temperature which is far from the boiling point.

    Using SFE is the clearest method, because there is no organic solvent in the whole process and the extractions has no solvent left, so that it avoids the harmful materials and the pollution of the environment,  assuring the 100% naturalization.

  The extraction and the separation combines together. When liquid of  CO2 of  saturated and dissolved matter flows into segregator, because of change of temperature or reduction of pressure, it makes CO2  and extractive matter rapidly apart each other.  It not only makes extraction have high efficiency  but  also consumes less energy and improves production rate so as to reduce cost. 

   CO2 is inactive gas, which does not happen chemical reaction in course of extraction. It belongs to un-burning liquid, not having taste, odor and poisons. The performance of safety is quite good. 

   The price of CO2 is cheap, with high purification and easy extraction. It can be circled in production so as to reduce the cost.

   Both  pressure and temperature can become parameter in the course of extraction, reaching objective through changing pressure and temperature. Fixation of pressure also parts matter through changing temperature. Contrarily, it can fix temperature, then part extractive matter by reducing pressure. Therefore, it is easy to master techniques and the speed of extraction is rapid.    

the application of supercritical CO2 extraction technology   

 The characteristic of the supercritical CO2 extraction determines the  wide scale of its application. For example, in medicine industry, it can be used in the extraction of Chinese  herbal medicine, refine of hot irritable biological manufactured medicine and apartment of fat mixture. In foodstuff industry, it can be used in extraction of beer and pigment. In flavor industry, it can be used in natural and synthetic refine and apartment of mixture. Its specific application can be used in flowing aspects:
  Extract biological active molecule from herbal medical plant, biological extraction and apartment.
  Lipoid  fat from different micro-biology or recycle of lipoid fat or removing fat from sugar and protein.
  Extract anti-cancer matter from different plant, especially  from leaf and water pine skin to gain ramification to prevent  cancer.

  Vitamin, specially extraction of Vitamin E. 
  Distill various active matter (nature and mixture), remove unnecessary molecule or "waste matter" to get purified  product. 

  It can manufacture various natural anti- bacterium or anti-oxygen extractive matter, such as: basil, Chuanhong, onion, garlic, chrysanthemum, cayenne power, liquorice and fennel. 

the characteristic of supercritical liquid device developed by our company  

 It can use quick driving pattern extractive structure, improve production efficient and product quality, and solve the key problems of amplifying of  the technological equipment in industry.

    For solid matter, we can design small diameter structure to reduce the loss of extraction of pressure, optimizing operation techniques and resolving the problems which are not solved in the long-terms. For liquid  matter, we can design larger tower pattern structure to distill, which is able to distill more specific separation.

    We can use separating device, with high efficient tower pattern, improving the efficiency of separation.

   It can adopt special and creditable sealing structure to reduce operation loss of CO2 and the cost of product.

   It can optimize the process of techniques, adapting to steady running under high temperature.

   We developed appropriate temperature controlling method which is adaptable to requirement of different separating properties of materiel. 

specification and performance of supercritical CO2 device developed by our company  

  Extracting kettle:1L~1000L(25~35MPa)using in solid and liquid state
  Separating kettle:1L~500L(5~15MPa)
  Distilling tower: inside diameterφ50~φ500、25~35MPa  
 CO2 high pressure pump:20L~3000L/40MPa
 Controlling temperature: automatically controlling temperature ±<1℃
 Controlling pressure: automatically controlling steady pressure, operating safely
 Pattern of combing; extracting two times, one tower, parting one time
 Material: touch the tube of flow and use  stainless steel material container 

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